G.E. Investigations, LLC

Greetings & Salutations from G.E. Investigations, LLC

The President and Senior Investigator of G.E. Investigations, LLC has served his country in the United States Marine Corps and is a proud American!

He is a New York City trained investigator with over 26 years experience behind him, beginning his career in 1985, working as a criminal investigator out of the Bronx Supreme Courthouse and also has worked three years of undercover in the roughest neighborhoods of New York City... Then moved to the dangerous Art Deco streets of South Florida.

Now based in Phoenix, Arizona, G.E. Investigations, LLC is committed to providing you with professional investigative and business intelligence services in an accurate, detailed, and timely manner.

We are prepared to assist you in those times of Exigent Circumstances... When waiting is not an option!

G.E. Investigations, LLC specializes and are EXPERTS in High Tech Surveillance, Covert Video & Locating those Who Do Not Want to be found.

We utilize an array of custom encased and Covert Cameras, GPS and more. We also perform a wide spectrum of Criminal Investigations (ie: RICO, "STALKER" cases, Narcotics, Homicides, Telephonic & Terroristic Threats to Persons & Property, Sexual Assaults, etc), International Child Recovery & Missing Persons, Digital Mobile Forensics (Data Recovery, Test, SMS), Narcotic Field Tests (Cocaine, Meth, Heroin, Ecstasy, GHB, etc), Civil Investigations (ie: matrimonial / cheating spouse or significant other, background checks, insurance & workman's compensation, vandalism), Computer Crimes (ie: MySpace), Electronic Surveillance Countermeasures (Sweep Team), Computer Research, Bail Bond Pickups / Indemnitor Order of Surrender.

Make sure to checkout our "FLAT RATE" Discounts on Investigative Services with the link below or by visiting our website or calling Toll Free to  866.347.7948 !

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